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A Scene Set by God

Character Event showcases one character that is obtainable for a limited time. Ranging from many different difficulties that includes a multiplayer stage which is farmable to unlock many awards. Participating in a character event allows you to obtain the exclusive character and obtain exclusive armor.

By clearing Stage 5 of the Event, you will unlock a Multiplayer-Only Quest, which has Individual Rewards based on the cumulative score.


10/20 (Monday) 15: 00 ~ 11/16 14:59 JST

Featured Character

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A mysterious man who plans to involve "the Mist continent" in the war. Featuring a grand expression and a play-like phrase that seems to show off your presence.



Boss Tips

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Boss: - Mother Weed

Weak Fire, Water, Ice, and Holy Elements. Resistant to Dark Element.

Will use [Drum Collection] to summon Kid Weeds, and uses [Mother’s Affection] to strengthen them for a continuous attack. Recommended to beat her children first for 3-on-1 battle. Will also be able to inflict multiple status ailments with Bad Breath, and Bad Odor.

Event Mission Rewards

Individual Rewards (Event Multi-Only Stage):

Total Score Awards
20,000 100 Gems
20,000 x3 Summon Tickets
100,000 x1 Guard Medal
200,000 x300 Dissidia Points
300,000 100 Gems
400,000 x3 Summon Tickets
500,000 x1 Guard Medal
600,000 x300 Dissidia Points
700,000 100 Gems
800,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,000,000 x3 Guard Medals
1,250,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,500,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,750,000 x3 Summon Tickets
2,000,000 x3 Summon Tickets

Exclusive Armor

Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Egoist’s Armlet (IX)
Egoist’s Armlet (IX) 勇気と破壊の意志 35(70)
Initial BRV +110 & Max BRV +220

Featured Gacha

Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Spark Core (IX)
Spark Core (IX) 究極のレクイエム 35(50)
[Ultima ver. IX] uses + 1 + [Ultima ver.IX] [Ultima ver. IX+] Potency Up + Self 5 ACTION [Max BRV Up][Magic Attack Up] + when [Ultima ver. IX] is used, gain 3 [Soul Divider] buff stacks + [Ultima ver.IX] Action Penalty Down
Brilliant Core (IX)
Brilliant Core (IX) 死神のワルツ 15(30)
Increases power of Holy Ring and Holy Ring+. Soul Divider buff from Holy Ring will be increased to Soul Divider III on use.
Lullaby Rod (X)
Lullaby Rod (X) 祈り子の祝福 35(50)
Increases BRV addition amount (x1.5) and changes range of Cheer from single target to all allies. Increases the effect of “Prayer’s Protection(Initial BRV Up & DEF Up)” buff. Grants ATK Up & “Spira’s Protection(BRV Regen & Max BRV Up)” buff to all allies for 5 ACTIONS. While Prayer’s Protection buff is active, Normal HP Attack will turn into HP Attack+ (which seems to add BRV to self before launching the attack).
Astral Rod (X)
Astral Rod (X) エボンの祈り 15(30)
[Prayer of Aeon] Single-target Esuna turns into an AoE Esuna
Darts (VI)
Darts (VI) 勝負師の魂 35(50)
[Bloody Card] BRV power up + delays target by 1
Death Card (FFVI)
Death Card (FFVI) 逆転の切り札 15(30)
[Reversal Trump Card] When using Freeze Joker all allies gain a small increase to MAX BRV for 3 actions.