What are artifacts?

Artifacts are new ways to power up your characters! This allows for some customization on characters that lets you learn passives to equip onto your characters.

How do I get artifacts?

You get artifacts from the special vortex dungeon; they can be farmable anytime but cost stamina.

They come in 3-4* versions depending on the quest you do, with the higher difficulties providing higher rarities.

The level 20 and 50 gold node dungeons have a chance to unlock the bonus dungeon, which is level 30 and guarantee all 4* artifacts drops.

Where can I see my artifacts?

Artifacts can be found in the armor section of your equipment screen. Artifacts also have their own slots, meaning it doesn't fill the armor slots and you can hold many.

I got an artifact now what?

Congratulation, now that you got some artifacts you'll need to obtain more of the same type and rarity to get the passive. Just like armors and weapons, artifacts need to be max limit-break (3 Orb-slots) and max level to obtain a passive.

I want a certain Passive

Artifact passives are RNG base, so it might take awhile to obtain a certain passive you want. Recommend doing the lvl 30 to get the highest rarity artifacts to increase more chance in getting strong passives.