A prideful princess with strong intention and justice. Fueling with revenge towards to the Archadian Empire that invaded the kingdom of Dalmasca, her homeland. To gain her freedom, she journey with Vaan and the others, she no longer fears the Empire, referring that it's "thing of the past".



Wields Great Sword type weapons, Ashe has two roles being an Attacker and Support. She can deal Holy element magic attacks to her foes, and granting self-buffs to herself. Having obtaining her Weapons, she access the passive to support the whole party from self-buffs applying to the whole party.


Name JP Name EN Type Uses Effect
北斗骨砕斬 Northswain's Glow Magic 5 Magic BRV Attack. Grants Magic ATK Up to self.
聖光爆裂斬 Heaven's Wrath Magic 5 10 Hit Holy Element Magic BRV Attack. Grants Physical ATK Up and mBRV to self.


Lvl 50 Lvl 50 +Awakening MAX
HP 2062 4062
Initial BRV 739 739
Maximum BRV 914 1364
Offensive Power 320 500
Defensive Power 347 537
Weapon Type
Great Sword icon
Awakening Crystal
Blue Crystal


Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Defender (FFXII)
Defender (FFXII) 復讐の刃 35(50)
[Heaven's Wrath] Increased BRV damage + lower cooldown, inflicts 4 turns speed down debuff (small), the physical attack buff will apply to all members and gets a greater effect and lasts longer
Claymore (FFXII)
Claymore (FFXII) 王家の威光 15(30)
[Northswain's Glow] Potency up small amount, target max BRV Down; Party magic ATK up with greater effect, (4 turns).
Jade Collar (FFXII)
Jade Collar (FFXII) 力と守りの意思 35(70)
Initial +272 DEF. ATK+72 & DEF+84.

Passive List

Name JP Name EN Level of Acquisition
北斗骨砕斬 Northswain's Glow Awakening Lv.2 - Unlock Northswain's Glow.
バフアタック Power Attack Awakening Lv.5 10 Small increase to attack when under the effects of buffs.
北斗骨砕斬パワー Northswain's Glow Power Awakening Lv.10 10 Small Increase to the BRV Damage of Northswain's Glow.
デンジャーアタックアップ Danger Attack Up Awakening Lv.15 15 Increase your own attack power when your own HP is less than 20% of your maximum HP.
聖光爆裂斬 Heaven's Wrath Awakening Lv.20 - Unlock Heaven's Wrath
聖光爆裂斬パワー Heaven's Wrath Power Awakening Lv.25 10 Small Increase to the BRV Damage of Heaven's Wrath.
北斗骨砕斬チャージ Northswain's Glow Charge Awakening Lv.30 10 Raises the number of 'Northswain's Glow' uses by 1.
ブレイクサプライド Break Supply Awakening Lv.35 10 Small increase to the break bonus given to all allies when an ally breaks an enemy.
聖光爆裂斬チャージ Heaven's Wrath Charge Awakening Lv.40 10 Raises the number of 'Heaven's Wrath' uses by 1.
BRVスピードアップ BRV Speed Up Awakening Lv.45 10 Small increase to own speed when own BRV is at 50% or higher than your maximum BRV.
王女の威光 Pride of Princess Awakening Lv.50 15 When Ashe's HP is less than 50% of the maximum HP, the initial and maximum BRV of all other allies is increased by a small amount.
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