Bahamut Trial

Challenge from the Phantom Beast World: Trial from Bahamut

Participate in the event to obtain the summon: Bahamut!

Start: 10 January 15:00 JST

End: 24 January 14:59 JST

Event Info

  • Able to attain the Summon, Bahamut, and get him to Lv20!
  • Main Boss is Dark Bahamut: Mass.
  • There will be an EX Stage, which will showcase an enemy much more powerful than Dark Bahamut: Mass.

Has AoE BRV + HP Attack “Flare Star”, and a more powerful attack, “Mega Flare”.

Bahamut Summon Effect:

  • 4000 Damage Magic BRV Attack. Non-Elemental Attacks x1.8.
  • Increase Break Bonus by 5% each time an enemy is broken, up to 100% total.
  • If a Summon is used, it will use Counter Cure to recover HP, and Counter Mega Flare to dish out some heavy damage.

x2 EXP Campaign

Following Characters will receive x2 EXP:

  • Edge
  • Firion
  • Vaan
  • Penelo
  • Vincent

Bahamut’s Trial Pickup Gacha (Weekly Gacha)

Duration: 10 January ~ 17 January 14:59 JST

Rates up for Vaan, Penelo, and Firion Weapons, along with Vaan’s New Weapon, the Lila Edge!

Vaan’s Bahamut Weapon: Lila Edge [XII]

  • ATK: +788 (Lv20)
  • Compatibility Skill: When breaking an enemy, Grants Max BRV Up and ATK Up to self for 5 ACTIONS.

Vaan's Exclusive Weapon: ZwillBlade [XII]

~Vaan Only~

  • ATK: +878 (Lv20)
  • Compatibility Skill: Increases the BRV power of White Whorl. Improves the effect of DEF Down and extends the duration to 5 ACTIONS. Increases the BRV power of Luminescence, and improves the grant rate of Blindness.
Zwill Blade (XII)

Vaan's Weapon: Platinum Sword [XII]

  • ATK: +754 (Lv20)
  • Compatibility Skill: Increases the BRV power of Red Spiral. Extends duration of ATK Up Small to 4 ACTIONS.
    Platinum Sword (XII)

Penelo's Exclusive Weapon: Platinum Dagger [XII]

~Penelo Only~

  • ATK: +837 (Lv20)
  • Compatibility Skill: Lowers action delay of Regen Waltz. Increases HP Recovery amount from HP Regen. Grants BRV Regen to all allies for 3 ACTIONS.
    Platinum Dagger (XII)

Penelo's Weapon: Orichalchum [XII]

  • ATK: +754 (Lv20)
  • Compatibility Skill: Lowers action delay of Haste Rumba. Extends "SPD Up" buff, and grants "ATK Up Small" to all allies (excluding self).
    Orichalcum (XII)

Firion’s Exclusive Weapon: Defender [II]

~Firion Only~

  • ATK: +878 (Lv20)
  • Compatibility Skill: When using Absorb Sword and Absorb Sword+, increases power. Also, when Absorb Sword+ is used, increases the effect and extends the duration of Max BRV Up to 6 ACTIONS, adds BRV to all allies depending on own ATK power, and grants BRV Regen to self for 6 ACTIONS.
    Defender (II)

Firion's Weapon: Wing Sword [II]

  • ATK: +754 (Lv20)
  • Compatibility Skill: Increase BRV power of Blood Weapon, and increases HP recovery effect.
Wing Sword (FFII)