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The CP menu in Dissidia Opera Omnia. In the shown screenshot, Cloud's current passives consumption is 60 out of 65 CP. CP costs from passives are shown bottom right of each tab.

Command Points, abbreviated CP, are a statistic in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia and relevant in other Dissidia game titles. CP is a stat used to determine how many passives a character can equip. The current base of CP without any equipment is 40.

How to Raise CP

In order to raise CP, is by equipping weapons and armor with high rarity. In the Opera Omnia, there is CP given shown in equipment, the higher the CP of the equipment the higher you total amount of CP is.

For weapons and armor, the higher the rarity the more CP is given. Exclusive equipment give more CP than normal equipment, but the limitations of exclusive equipment is that it can only be equipped by only one character.

How much CP is given from Equipment

Charts below demonstrate more in detail of how much CP your weapon currently has in certain LB with your weapons or armor.


Initial LB 1 LB 2 LB 3
5★ Rarity (35 CP) 35 40 45 50
5★ Rarity (15 CP) 15 20 25 30
4★ Rarity 10 13 16 20
3★ Rarity 5 6 8 10
2★ Rarity 2 3 4 6


Initial LB 1 LB 2 LB 3
5★ Rarity 35 46 58 70
4★ Rarity 20 26 33 40
3★ Rarity 10 13 16 20
2★ Rarity 4 5 6 7


To obtain passives, is by awakening your characters using Crystals which can be farmed in daily dungeons or opening one with a Mog Key. To equip a passive is by going to the CP menu for a character and equip the passive you want to use.

Equipment Passives

Equipment passives can be obtained by max LB a weapon or armor and leveling it to the max level. Passives can be obtained from all Rarity's. Once obtaining the passive, the equipment can be sold and the passive will stay intact to your character forever.

Limit-breaking Equipment

Limit-breaking known as LB, is by combining the same weapons or using x4 Power Piece to increase the effect of the weapon. Every time you LB your weapon it increases your CP and the weapons effect which every weapon can be LB a total of 3 times. Reaching MAX LB and level will grant you 6★ Rarity and giving the equipment passive to your character permanently.