Princess who is the best beauty princess ever in the Kingdom of Alexandria. In order to stop the invasion plan of the Queen Brahne, Zidane escorted us and escaped from the castle. Although she was a naive princess, she got to know more about her "real self" through a journey with her companion and grew into a person qualified for the queen.


Offensive Magic

She uses Staff type weapons, Garnet deals water and thunder elemental damage to her foes that provides buffs, allowing her normal BRV Attack to become a AoE elemental damage.


Name JP Name EN Type Uses Effect
アクアマリンの水輝 Aquamarine's Brilliant Flood Magic 5 Magic Water Elemental BRV Attack + HP Attack. Grants "Water Dragon" buff to self.

"Water Dragon" buff is active, normal BRV Attack will turn into "Tsunami / Tidal Wave (AoE Water Element BRV Attack)"

ペリドットの雷輝 Peridot's Brilliant Thunder Magic 5 Magic Thunder Elemental BRV Attack + HP Attack. Grants "Thunder Emperor" buff to self.

"Thunder Emperor" buff is active, normal BRV Attack will turn into "Lightning (AoE Thunder Element BRV Attack)".


Lvl 50 Lvl 50 +Awakening MAX
HP 1959 3859
Initial BRV 831 831
Maximum BRV 868 1300
Offensive Power 320 500
Defensive Power 384 594
Weapon Type
Staff icon
Awakening Crystal
Green Crystal


Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Stardust Rod (IX)
Heal Rod (IX) 決意の雷鳴 30(50)
Increase "Peridot's Brilliant Thunder" damage, 4 action lightning resist down, max BRV up, "Thunder Emperor" duration longer
Heal Rod (IX)
Stardust Rod (IX) 秘められし召喚士の血 15(30)
Increase "Aquamarine Brilliant Water" damage, 4 action Water resist down, Water Dragon buff increase, all allies BRV regen 4 actions
Madain Sari's Bracelet (IX)
Madain Sari's Bracelet (IX) 勇気と守りの意思 35(70)
Initial BRV +110 & Defense +84

Passive List

Name JP Name EN Level of Acquisition
アクアマリンの水輝 Aquamarine's Brilliant Flood Awakening Lv.2 - Unlock Aquamarine's Brilliant Flood
BRVスピードアップ BRV Speed Up Awakening Lv.5 10 When its own BRV is 50% or more of the maximum BRV, increase quickness up (small)
アクアマリンの水輝ライト Aquamarine's Brilliant Light Awakening Lv.10 10 Reduce the action load of "Aquamarine's Brilliant"
ボーナスアップオール Break Bonus Up Awakening Lv.15 5 When you break your enemies, break bonus to all members (small)
ペリドットの雷輝ライト Peridot's Brilliant Thunder Awakening Lv.20 - Unlock Peridot's Brilliant Thunder
ペリドットの雷輝ライト Peridot's Thunder light Awakening Lv.25 10 Reduce the action load of "Peridot's Brilliant"
アレクサンドリアの加護 Alexandrian Protection Awakening Lv.30 15 When using attack, 1 ACTION Increase quickness
アクアマリンの水輝パワー Aquamarine's Brilliant Power Awakening Lv.35 10 Raises "Aquamarine's Brilliant" BRV damage by a small amount.
バフアタック Buff Attack Awakening Lv.40 10 Increase your attack power when reinforcing effect is given to yourself.
ペリドットの雷輝パワー Peridot's Thunder Power Awakening Lv.45 10 Raises "Peridot's Thunder" BRV damage by a small amount.
王女の決意 Determination of the Princess Awakening Lv.50 20 If HP is at max when the final battle begins, small boost to Initial BRV, Max BRV, ATK & DEF.
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