A boy who has lived a mediocre life in the world of Cocoon, the homeland of advanced machine civilization.The boy who is involved in the expulsion policy of the citizen, loses her mother in front of himself. While fighting with Lightning and others in the journey, I will overcome many things and grow.



Uses Throwing type weapons, Hope uses White mage abilities to support his party. Using abilities such as "Shell" and "Protect" to protect his allies from upcoming physical or magic damage.


Name JP Name EN Type Uses Effect
シェル Shell White Magic 5 Reduces magic damage taken for 5 actions.
プロテス Protect White Magic 5 Reduces physical damage taken for 5 actions.


Lvl 50 Lvl 50 +Awakening MAX
HP 2062 4062
Initial BRV 785 785
Maximum BRV 960 1437
Offensive Power 301 471
Defensive Power 274 424
Weapon Type
Throwing icon
Awakening Crystal
White Crystal


Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Hawkeye (XIII)
Hawkeye (XIII) 堅守の力 35(50)
When using Protect, extends the duration of "Reduce Physical Damage" buff to 6 ACTIONS. Grants "SPD Up" buff to all allies for 6 ACTIONS. Increases BRV recovery amount given to all allies.
Air Blanc (XIII)
Air Blanc (XIII) 一筋の希望 15(30)
[Hope of the line] When strengthening effect is given to himself, increase his maximum BRV · Attack power small
Skycutter (XIII)
Skycutter (XIII) 堅心の力 15(30)
[Determined Strength] 'Shell' increases attack by a small amount for 3 actions.
Airwing (XIII)
Airwing (XIII) 初期BRV+55 10(20)
Initial BRV +55
Whistlewind Scarf (XIII)
Whistlewind Scarf (XIII) 勇気と破壊の意思 35(70)
[Courage and Destiny intent]

Initial BRV +110 & Maximum BRV +220

Power Gloves (XIII)
Power Gloves (XIII) 攻撃力+72 20(40)
Attack +72

Passive List

Name JP Name EN Level of Acquisition
シェル Shell Awakening Lv.2 - Unlocks Shell
シェルBRVゲイン Shell: BRV Gain Awakening Lv.5 10 Increases own BRV by a small amount after using 'Shell'.
シェルライト Shell Lite Awakening Lv.10 10 Acts earlier after using 'Shell'.
シェルアタックアップ Shell: Attack Increase Awakening Lv.15 10 Increases own attack by a small amount for 1 action after using 'Shell'.
プロテス Protect Awakening Lv.20 - Unlocks Protect
プロテスアタックアップ Protect: Attack Increase Awakening Lv.25 10 Increases own attack by a small amount for 1 action after using 'Protect'.
プロテスライト Protect Lite Awakening Lv.30 10 Acts earlier after using 'Shell'.
ボーナスプロテスロング Break: Protect Duration+ Awakening Lv.35 10 Extends 'Protect' by 1 action on all allies after breaking an enemy.
シェルチャージ Shell Charge Awakening Lv.40 10 Increases the number of 'Shell' uses by 1.
プロテスチャージ Protect Charge Awakening Lv.45 10 Increases the number of 'Protect' uses by 1.
希望の証 Proof of Hope Awakening Lv.50 20 When you give a buff to a target, extends all buffs' duration on the target by 1 action.
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