She is the adopted daughter of Gilgamesh, pirate leader of Norg. While exploring the surrounding lands, she comes across a group of adventurers, and teams up with them to prevent the resurrection of the Shadow Lord.



Uses Dagger type weapons, Lion utilizes in doing damage to her enemy's casting debuffs and providing self-buffs to herself. When an enemy is targeting another party member other than her, Lion damage increases.


Name JP Name EN Type Uses Effect
不意打ち Surprise Hit Physical 5 If used against an enemy who is not targeting Lion, increases power and will not miss.
パウダーケッグ Powder Keg Physical 3 Long Range Physical BRV Attack. Inflicts DEF Down to target for 3 ACTIONS.


Lvl 50 Lvl 50 +Awakening MAX
HP 2268 4468
Initial BRV 693 693
Maximum BRV 1005 1500
Offensive Power 310 480
Defensive Power 237 367
Weapon Type
Dagger icon
Awakening Crystal
White Crystal


Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Miserikord (XI)
Miserikord (XI) エージェントの戦術 35(50)
[Agent tactics] Increases power and Lowers Action Delay of Powder Keg. Extends duration of DEF Down, and grants Max BRV Up Small and Crit Up Mid to self for 6 ACTIONS. Grants the chance for Powder Keg to inflict Max BRV Down Small to target for 6 ACTIONS.
Last Dagger (XI)
Last Dagger (XI) 背後からの奇襲 15(30)
[Surprise attack from behind] Increases the power and Lowers Action Delay of Surprise Hit, and grants ATK Up to self for 6 ACTIONS if enemy is not targeting her.
Assassin’s Vest (XI)
Assassin’s Vest (XI) 命と力の意思 35(70)
[Life and strength intention] ATK +72 & HP +680

Passive List

Name JP Name EN Level of Acquisition
不意打ち Surprise Hit Awakening Lv.2 - Unlock Surprise Hit
クリティカルパワー Critical Power Awakening Lv.5 5 Increase BRV damage when landing a critical attack
不意打ちチャージ Sneak Attack Charge Awakening Lv.10 10 Number of uses of "Sneak Attack" + 1
ブレイクスピード Break Speed Awakening Lv.15 10 When you break an enemy, the quickness of 1 ACTION itself is increased
パウダーケッグ Powder Keg Awakening Lv.20 - Unlock Powder Keg
パウダーケッグチャージ Powder Keg Charge Awakening Lv.25 15 Number of uses of "Powder keg" + 1
BRVアタックアップ BRV Attack Up Awakening Lv.30 10 Increase attack power when your own brave is over 50% of maximum brave
不意打ちパワー Surprising Attack Power Awakening Lv.35 10 Increase BRV damage given by "Surprise Attack"
スニークアタック Sneak Attack Awakening Lv.40 15 When attacking an enemy who does not target Lion, dealt BRV damage increase by minimal
パウダーケッグパワー Powder Keg Power Awakening Lv.45 10 Increase BRV damage given by "Powder Keg"
スニーククリティカル Sneak Critical Awakening Lv.50 15 "BRV attack" becomes critical when attacking enemies not targeting Lion
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