One Winged Angel banner


Start: December 4th, 2017

End: December 18th, 2017

One Winged Angel

Character Event showcases one character that is obtainable for a limited time. Ranging from many different difficulties that includes a multiplayer stage which is farmable to unlock many awards. Participating in a character event allows you to obtain the exclusive character and obtain exclusive armor.

By clearing Stage 5 of the Event, you will unlock a Multiplayer-Only Quest, which has Individual Rewards based on the cumulative score.

Featured Character

Sephiroth banner
A great warrior idolized by the public and infantrymen alike for his strength and discipline in combat, Sephiroth's many successes in the field of battle during the conflicts surrounding the Shinra Electric Power Company's bid for global domination led to his status as a celebrity war hero and the poster boy for both the Shinra Military and the company's SOLDIER program. Sephiroth is intelligent and respects those he deems worthy.


Synergy characters are characters that are featured in the event. For the event, their stats are increased including their relics. For momentarily of the event duration, they will have x2 experience gain.


Boss: Sephiroth Manikin & Co.

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Element Resistant to None.

Element Weakness to None.

Will have Terra and Zidane Manikins fighting alongside him.

Able to inflict ATK Down and SPD Down, so be wary. Will use Black Materia, which is a powerful AoE HP Attack that does damage depending on the total BRV of those in your party.

HP Attacks will be done frequently, so recommended to have characters with high, or HP Regen buff.

Individual Rewards (Event Multi-Only Stage):

Total Score Awards
20,000 100 Gems
20,000 x3 Summon Tickets
100,000 x1 Guard Medal
200,000 x300 Dissidia Points
300,000 100 Gems
400,000 x3 Summon Tickets
500,000 x1 Guard Medal
600,000 x300 Dissidia Points
700,000 100 Gems
800,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,000,000 x3 Guard Medals
1,250,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,500,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,750,000 x3 Summon Tickets
2,000,000 x3 Summon Tickets

These Equipment can be obtained by progressing through the Character Event missions, they can be obtainable in Mission Level: 30 and 50

Icon Equipment Name JP Passive Name CP
Masamune Blade (VII)
Masamune Blade (VII) 英雄の太刀筋 15(30)
When using Fervent Blow, increases the power.
Sephiroth’s Glove (VII)
Sephiroth’s Glove (VII) 破壊と力の意識 35(70)
Max BRV +220 & ATK +72


One Winged Angel Gachabanner
Icon Equipment Name JP Passive Name CP
Masamune Blade (VII) -35-
Masamune Blade (VII) 復讐の剣鬼 35(50)
Grants an additional +1 Usage to Octaslash, and allows Jenova buff to increase by one upon breaking target. When using Octaslash, increases the BRV power. Also allows Jenova to increase own Max BRV and ATK depending on it’s amount.
Masamune Blade (VII)
Masamune Blade (VII) 英雄の太刀筋 15(30)
When using Fervent Blow, increases the power.
Dark Shout (VII)
Dark Shout (VII) 解き放つ雷 35(50)
[Livespark Shot] Potency increased, Action penalty down, [Attack Down] effect increased and duration extended to 2 ACTION, [Max BRV Up] effect increased and duration extended to 8 ACTION, [Enchant Thunder] duration extended to 8 ACTION. While [Enchant Thunder] buff is active, [BRV Attack] is upgraded to [BRV Attack+]; Action Penalty Down
Randall (VII)
Randall (VII) 魔獣宿りし力 15(30)
[Demon Beast Power] Increases the BRV Damage of Beast Flare , increases the effect of the Initial BRV Down Debuff and extends the duration for 1 turn.
Magic Racket (IX)
Magic Racket (IX) 伝えられし秘術 35(50)
Increase the power of 'Holy Smite' + Decrease cooldown + Add BRV in amount dependent on your attack power to all your friends + 5 ACTION 'Speed Increase Up' to yourself
Priest Racket (IX)
Priest Racket (IX) 癒しのおまじない 15(30)
[Healing Charm] "HP Regen" duration extension + Applies "Small Power Up" and "Small MAX-BRV UP" to the target for 12 Actions.