Among the Magic national Mysidia, twin brother with outstanding talent. There are places to journey on, skipping habits and condition on his teachings, often being able to relax with his twin sister, Porom. At first he was a Cecil acquaintance, but after the adventure with him, a bond is born and will cooperate on his own will.



Wields Staff weapon type. Palom uses Black Magic type spells to defeat his foes.


Name JP Name EN Type Uses Effect
つよがる Bluff Black Magic 3 Grants “Power of the Black Magic” buff to self. Adds BRV to self depending on own ATK. Normal BRV Attack will turn into BRV Attack+.

By using Bluff more than once, the effect will be stronger at Bluff+ and Bluff++

ミシディアの氷晶 Mysidia’s Ice Crystal Black Magic 3 Magic Ice Element BRV Attack. Grants “Wisdom of the Black Magic” buff to self. Normal HP Attack will turn into Dualcast.


Lvl 50 Lvl 50 +Awakening MAX
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Weapon Type
Staff icon
Awakening Crystal
Purple Crystal


Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Faerie Rod (IV)
Faerie Rod (IV) ミシディアの天才黒魔道士 35(50)
Increases the power of Mysidia’s Ice Crystal (+ and ++ included). Increases the effect and duration of Wisdom of the Black Magic (Max BRV Up) buff. Increases the BRV power of HP Attack Dualcast. Grants an additional +1 usage for Mysidia’s Ice Crystal. Last usage for Mysidia’s Ice Crystal will add an additional HP Attack.
Mysidias Rod (IV)
Mysidias Rod (IV) 負けん気の強さ 15(30)
Increases BRV Addition amount of and Lowers Action Delay of Bluff (+ and ++ included). Increases the effect and extends duration of Power of the Black Magic (ATK Up). Increases power, lowers action delay, and extends the duration of BRV Attack+.
Black Robe (IV)
Black Robe (IV) 破壊と力の意思 35(75)
+220 Max BRV & +72 ATK

Passive List

Name JP Name EN Level of Acquisition
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{{{Passive JPname15}}} {{{Passive Name15}}} Awakening Lv.15 {{{A.15CP?}}} {{{Passive Description15}}}
{{{Passive JPname20}}} {{{Passive Name20}}} Awakening Lv.20 - {{{Passive Description20}}}
{{{Passive JPname25}}} {{{Passive Name25}}} Awakening Lv.25 {{{A.25CP?}}} {{{Passive Description25}}}
{{{Passive JPname30}}} {{{Passive Name30}}} Awakening Lv.30 {{{A.30CP?}}} {{{Passive Description30}}}
{{{Passive JPname35}}} {{{Passive Name35}}} Awakening Lv.35 {{{A.35CP?}}} {{{Passive Description35}}}
{{{Passive JPname40}}} {{{Passive Name40}}} Awakening Lv.40 {{{A.40CP?}}} {{{Passive Description40}}}
{{{Passive JPname45}}} {{{Passive Name45}}} Awakening Lv.45 {{{A.45CP?}}} {{{Passive Description45}}}
{{{Passive JPname50}}} {{{Passive Name50}}} Awakening Lv.50 {{{A.50CP?}}} {{{Passive Description50}}}
{{{Passive JPname54}}} {{{Passive Name54}}} Awakening Lv.54 {{{A.54CP?}}} {{{Passive Description54}}}
{{{Passive JPname55}}} {{{Passive Name55}}} Awakening Lv.55 {{{A.55CP?}}} {{{Passive Description55}}}
{{{Passive JPname58}}} {{{Passive Name58}}} Awakening Lv.58 {{{A.58CP?}}} {{{Passive Description58}}}
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