PowerPiece intro

What is a Power Piece?

A weapon exchange system that can sell unneeded 5* weapons to Power Pieces to limit-break other weapons of your choice. Power pieces are weapon materials that can limit-break 5* weapons when gathered four pieces.

How to obtain Power Pieces

PowerPiece 1
Power Pieces can be obtain by selling your 5* equipment, when gathered enough they can be accessed the Upgrade button. When selling a weapon, if the weapon has limit-break already they can offer more than one Power Piece.
Weapon Sold Number of Power Pieces obtained
Base 1
Base + 1 (LB) 2
Base + 2 (LB) 3
Base + 3 (LB) 4
PowerPiece 3
Power Pieces can also be obtain once weekly through the use of Dissidia Points for the price of 900(DP).

Cannot obtain Power Pieces

PowerPiece 2
Note that even when increasing the rarity of a 4* weapon that has ascended to a 5* cannot be sold to obtain a Power Piece. Selling Character Event exclusive armor is unobtainable aswell to get a Power Piece.