Magisterinium Peri City Leeum Akito who belongs to Suhaku · 0 group. Involved in a war with the world with Ace and King. I am suffering from an incurable disease, but behaving in a temperate manner because I do not worry about my colleagues. In the 0 group, have the position as a "newcomer" together with her childhood friend Makina.



Wields Dagger type weapons. Rem can recover her party members health and replace her turns to theirs.


Name JP Name EN Type Uses Effect
ケアル Cure White Magic 5 Recovers a small amount of target's HP with additional heal depending on own Attack Power. Grants 5 ACT "Medium Attack Up" buff.
ターンコンバート Turn Convert Support 7 Allows ally to use up a turn. Adds BRV depending on own Attack Power and also reduced delay. Grants 3 ACT "small initial BRV Up".


Lvl 50 Lvl 50 +Awakening MAX
HP 1959 3859
Initial BRV 785 785
Maximum BRV 1005 1482
Offensive Power 292 452
Defensive Power 274 424
Weapon Type
Dagger icon
Awakening Crystal
Green Crystal


Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Rune Dagger (Type-0)
Rune Dagger (FF-0) - 35(50)
When using Turn Convert, increases BRV Addition Amount and grants SPD Up Small to target for 5 ACTIONS.. Also increases effect and extends duration of Max BRV Up to 5 ACTIONS, and Lowers Action Delay.
Caerula Dagger (FF-0)
Caerula Dagger (FF-0) 極寒の魔刃 15(30)
[Extreme Cold's Magic Blade] BRV attacks are turned into Ice elemental magic BRV attacks.
Survival Edge (Type-0)
Survival Edge (FF-0) 慈愛の心 15(30)
[Warm Heart] Increases the amount of HP recovered by Cure
Silver Dagger (FF-0
Silver Dagger (FF-0) 最大BRV+110 10(20)
Max BRV +110
Circlet (FF-0)
Circlet (FF-0) 攻撃力+72 20(40)
Attack +72

Passive List

Name JP Name EN Level of Acquisition
ケアル Cure Awakening Lv.2 - Unlocks Cure
ケアルBRVゲイン Cure BRV Gain Awakening Lv.5 10 After using Cure gain a small amount of BRV.
クリティカルBRVゲイン Critical BRV Gain Awakening Lv.10 5 Small increase to BRV after dealing a BRV critical hit.
ケアルチャージ Cure Charge Awakening Lv.15 15 Raises the number of Cure uses by 1
ターンコンバート Turn Convert Awakening Lv.20 - Unlocks Turn Convert
ターンコンバートBRVゲイン Turn Convert BRV Gain Awakening Lv.25 10 Small increase to own BRV after using Turn Convert.
ターンコンバートライト Turn Convert Lite Awakening Lv.30 10 Reduces action delay induced by Turn Convert.
ケアルライト Cure Lite Awakening Lv.35 10 Reduces action delay induced by Cure.
レシーブヒールアップ Receive Heal Up Awakening Lv.40 10 Small increase to effectiveness of received heals.
ターンコンバートチャージ Turn Convert Charge Awakening Lv.45 10 Raises the number of Turn Convert uses by 1.
朱雀の慈愛 Suzaku's kindness Awakening Lv.50 20 When a heal exceeds the max HP, 50% of the exceeding value is divided amongst all allies. The healing max value is equal to 10% of the target's max health.
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