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The Guardian of Legend

Character Event showcases one character that is obtainable for a limited time. Ranging from many different difficulties that includes a multiplayer stage which is farmable to unlock many awards. Participating in a character event allows you to obtain the exclusive character and obtain exclusive armor.

By clearing Stage 5 of the Event, you will unlock a Multiplayer-Only Quest, which has Individual Rewards based on the cumulative score.


8/28 (Monday) 15: 00 ~

Featured Character

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Swordsmen who traveled with the summoner, Braska, and was loved by the people known as the "Legendary Guardian". I entrusted the wishes I made in the past who I could not fulfill, but by joining Tidus, we take a journey to defeat Sin. A calm attitude, but also the anger that I had when I was young which I express I cannot hide.



Boss Tips

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Main Boss - Iron Worm

Vulnerable to Thunder and Fire attribute attacks. Resistant to Darkness and Ice.

グラビデ竜巻 [Overall Gravity Tornado] will change it's own BRV according to the current total HP of the party as a whole and perform a AoE HP attack.

Iron Worm will increase it’s defense when it loses HP.

Event Mission Rewards

Individual Rewards (Event Multi-Only Stage):

Total Score Awards
20,000 100 Gems
20,000 x3 Summon Tickets
100,000 x1 Guard Medal
200,000 x300 Dissidia Points
300,000 100 Gems
400,000 x3 Summon Tickets
500,000 x1 Guard Medal
600,000 x300 Dissidia Points
700,000 100 Gems
800,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,000,000 x3 Guard Medals
1,250,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,500,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,750,000 x3 Summon Tickets
2,000,000 x3 Summon Tickets

Exclusive Armor

Obtainable in Mission level 30 & 50

Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Black Steel Bracelet (X)
Black Steel Bracelet (X) 破壊と力の意思 35(70)
[Destruction and Power intention] +220 Max BRV & +72 ATK

Featured Relic

The Guardian of Legend Gachabanner
Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Chaos Blade (X)
Chaos Blade (X) 秘伝の戦技 35(50)
[Guidance Tachi] Increase the power of "Purgatory" + Increase the grant rate of "Short-range physical tolerance down" + 4 ACTION "Rapidness Increase Up" to himself.
Kagero (X)
Heat Haze (X) 導きの太刀 15(30)
[Secret War Skill] Improve BRV Power of 'Conquer' + Increase effect of 'Initial BRV Down' and Grant Rate + 3ACTION 'Maximum BRV Down Down'
Murasame (VI)
Murasame (VI) 降龍の太刀 35(50)
[Dragon's Tachi] Increase BRV addition amount of "Spiritual Unity Dragon" + Improves the effect of Spiritual Unity and Max BRV Up buff as well as increases the duration to 8 ACTIONS.  Increase BRV power of "Bushido Dragon"
Azura (FFVI)
Azura (FFVI) 一点強襲 15(30)
[One Point Assault] Increases the BRV addition of Spiritual Unity Fang. Improves the effect of Spiritual Unity and SPD Up buff as well as increases the duration to 8 ACTIONS. Increases the power of Bushido Fang.
Randall (VII)
Randall (VII) 魔獣宿りし力 15(30)
[Demon Beast Power] Increases the BRV Damage of Beast Flare , increases the effect of the Initial BRV Down Debuff and extends the duration for 1 turn.