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To Wane a Broken Heart

Character Event showcases one character that is obtainable for a limited time. Ranging from many different difficulties that includes a multiplayer stage which is farmable to unlock many awards. Participating in a character event allows you to obtain the exclusive character and obtain exclusive armor.

By clearing Stage 5 of the Event, you will unlock a Multiplayer-Only Quest, which has Individual Rewards based on the cumulative score.


11/17 (Monday) 15: 00 ~ 12/01 14:59 JST

Featured Character

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The prototype to the Magitek Knights, Kefka acts as Emperor Gestahl's court mage carrying out his orders. He lost the spiritual equilibrium with the influence which was artificially injected with magical power and had deprived many lives as an emperor's confidant by a brutal tragedy occurred when he gained the power of the "Three Statue of the Gods" Dominating the world with fear.



Boss Tips

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Boss: - Skull Wizard

Resistant to Dark Element.

Will grant self buffs while attacking, as well as taking away your allies’ buffs. Recommended to inflict debuffs to cancel out his other buffs.

風前の灯火 [Wind’s Illumination] will be used after awhile, which will deliver a large HP Attack. Recommended to avoid this situation by inflicting Blindness and HP Attack Silence.

Event Mission Rewards

Individual Rewards (Event Multi-Only Stage):

Total Score Awards
20,000 100 Gems
20,000 x3 Summon Tickets
100,000 x1 Guard Medal
200,000 x300 Dissidia Points
300,000 100 Gems
400,000 x3 Summon Tickets
500,000 x1 Guard Medal
600,000 x300 Dissidia Points
700,000 100 Gems
800,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,000,000 x3 Guard Medals
1,250,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,500,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,750,000 x3 Summon Tickets
2,000,000 x3 Summon Tickets

Exclusive Armor

Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Clown’s Boots (VI)-0
Clown’s Boots (VI) 勇気と力の意志 35(70)
Initial BRV +110 & ATK +72


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Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Mysterious Hair Ornament (VI)
Mysterious Hair Ornament (VI) 堕天使の裁き 35(50)
When using Trine, increases BRV addition amount, and extends duration of “Blindness” and “HP Attack Silence” debuffs to 2 ACTIONS. Also changes Normal BRV Attack to Meteor, which is a 6-hit BRV Attack, and will revert back to Normal BRV Attack after Meteor is used.
Jolly Hair Ornament (VI)
Jolly Hair Ornament (VI) 人造魔道士の力 15(30)
Adds additional +1 Usage to Light of Judgement. When using Light of Judgement, increases BRV damage, and increases effect & extends the duration of “ATK Down”, “DEF Down”, and “SPD Down” to 4 ACTIONS. Also changes Normal BRV Attack to Meteor, which is a 6-hit BRV Attack, and will revert back to Normal BRV Attack after Meteor is used.
Mythril Claw (VII)
Mythril Claw (VII) ザンガン流の心得 35(50)
When using Enraged, increases BRV addition amount depending on ATK power, and increases effect & extends duration of “Max BRV Up” and “Zangan-ryu Martial Arts(ATK Up & Lowers Action Delay)” to 4 ACTIONS.
Tiger Fang (VII)
Tiger Fang (VII) 反骨の拳 15(30)
[Rebel's Fist] Beat Rush damage increased, Attack Power Down duration and chance to inflict increased
Mythril Blade (V)
Mythril Blade (V) 青魔道土の心得 35(50)
[A Blue Mage's Understand] Magic Missile inflicts small DEF Down for 1 ACTION and Raises the damage of Magic Missile's follow up Melee attack. When Magic Missile is mastered, it grants small DEF Down for 3 ACTIONS.
Chocobo Blade (V)
Chocobo Blade (V) ナイトの心得 15(30)
[Knight's Way] Raises "Doublehand" power
Noir Calibur
Noir Calibur (V) 達人の攻勢 15(30)
[Offensive Guru] Small increase the attack and speed when one ability is mastered.