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Whip Wielding Balamb Instructor

Character Event showcases one character that is obtainable for a limited time. Ranging from many different difficulties that includes a multiplayer stage which is farmable to unlock many awards. Participating in a character event allows you to obtain the exclusive character and obtain exclusive armor.

By clearing Stage 5 of the Event, you will unlock a Multiplayer-Only Quest, which has Individual Rewards based on the cumulative score.


10/27 (Monday) 15: 00 ~ 11/10 14:59 JST

Featured Character

Quistis banner
Active duty of Galbadia Garden affiliated SeeD and female instructor. Eldest who is the youngest record holder who passed SeeD and is supported by many students. After being deprived of her instructor qualification under certain circumstances, she accompany Squalls who carry out assassination operation of the Witch. She has a cheerful personality as an experienced senior SeeD.



Boss Tips

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Boss: - Tears Eye

Weak to Fire, Wind and Earth Elements. Resistant to Water Element.

When both of them are alive, will use [Radiant Tears], which will grant ATK Up and SPD Up to both Eyes, and gradual BRV recovery.

When one is left, [Overflowing Magical Power] will be used, which will increase it’s speed to make itself faster than when both of them were alive. Will also use [All Watera] and [Big Wave] to greatly lower your BRV.

Susceptible to Poison and SPD Down debuffs.

Event Mission Rewards

Individual Rewards (Event Multi-Only Stage):

Total Score Awards
20,000 100 Gems
20,000 x3 Summon Tickets
100,000 x1 Guard Medal
200,000 x300 Dissidia Points
300,000 100 Gems
400,000 x3 Summon Tickets
500,000 x1 Guard Medal
600,000 x300 Dissidia Points
700,000 100 Gems
800,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,000,000 x3 Guard Medals
1,250,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,500,000 x3 Summon Tickets
1,750,000 x3 Summon Tickets
2,000,000 x3 Summon Tickets

Exclusive Armor

Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Quistis Glasses (VIII)
Quistis’s Glasses (VIII) 35(70)
Initial BRV +110 & Max BRV +220

Featured Gacha

Whip Wielding Balamb Instructor Gachabanner
Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Red Scorpion (VIII)
Red Scorpion (VIII) 才色兼備の指導者 35(50)
Increases the BRV power and adds +1 usage to Degenarator Whip, and allows it to inflict SPD Small Down to target for 3 ACTIONS. Also allows it to decrease target turn order by 2.
Chain Whip (VIII)
Chain Whip (VIII) 麗しの鞭使い 35(50)
Increases the power of Mega Whip, and extends Action Delay Up debuff to 3 ACTIONS. Also allows it to grant ATK Up to self, and changes Normal BRV Attack to BRV Attack+ for 6 ACTIONS.
Cypress Pile (IX)
Cypress Pile (IX) 湧き上がる魔力 35(50)
Lowers Action Delay of Focus. Increases the effect of Max BRV Up and ATK Up Mid, and extends it’s duration to 4 ACTIONS. Also adds BRV to self depending on own ATK power on skill usage.
Oak Staff (IX)
Oak Staff (IX) 秘められし炎 15(30)
[Hidden Flame] Increases the power of Fire
Amazon Bow (XIII)
Amazon Bow (XIII) 目覚める力 35(50)
Increases the BRV addition amount of Moonlight, and changes target to all allies. Lowers Action Delay. Improves ATK Up effect granted to self. Also grants Max BRV Up to all allies for 3 ACTIONS.
Star Seeker (XIII)
Star Seeker (XIII) 貫く意思 15(30)
Increases the power of Blood, and improves the effect of Max BRV Down and Poison, and extends duration to 3 ACTIONS.