One of the many monks of the country Fabul, with the body of ridiculous muscles, he accompanied Cecil and others trying to protect the crystals. Yang is known among the highest ranked and most respected of the monks and saved the struggle of his colleagues many times with his trained skill and indomitable spirit. He also has a loving wife, but unlike Yang she tends to use violence to solve most problems.


Physical Attacker

Uses Fist, uses "Kick" to deal an AoE damage to his foes and changes to "Kick+". Yang uses "Focus" to raise attack and mamimum BRV for 3 actions to his allies or himself.


Name JP Name EN Type Uses Effect
けり Kick Melee 3 2-hit melee physical BRV + HP attack. Deals 10% HP damage to all enemies other than the target. Changes into 'Kick+' when under the effect of 'Focus'.
けり+ Kick+ Channel - Kick+ (Mastered) will last for 3 ACTIONS. Deals a powerful AoE attack.
ためる Focus Support 3 Raises attack and maximum BRV by a small amount for 3 actions.


Lvl 50 Lvl 50 +Awakening MAX
HP 2268 4468
Initial BRV 646 646
Maximum BRV 960 1437
Offensive Power 329 509
Defensive Power 237 367
Weapon Type
Fist icon
Awakening Crystal
Yellow Crystal


Icon Weapon Name JP Passive Name CP
Dragon Claws (FFIV)
Dragon Claws (FFIV) 鍛えぬかれた足技 15(30)
[Trained Footwork] Raises 'Kick' BRV damage and damage dealt to other enemies.
Faerie Claws (FFIV)
Faerie Claws (FFIV) HP+340 10(20)
HP +340
Kenpogi (FFIV)
Kenpogi (FFIV) 初期BRV+110 20(40)
Initial BRV +110

Passive List

Name JP Name EN Level of Acquisition
けり Kick Awakening Lv.2 - Unlocks Kick
クリティカルパワー Critical Power Awakening Lv.5 5 Raises BRV critical hit damage by a small amount.
けりライト Light Kick Awakening Lv.10 10 Acts earlier after using 'Kick'.
バフアタック Buff Attack Up Awakening Lv.15 10 Raises attack by a small amount after receiving a buff.
ためる Focus Awakening Lv.20 - Unlocks Focus
ためるライト Light Focus Awakening Lv.25 10 Acts earlier after using 'Focus'.
けりチャージ Kick Charge Awakening Lv.30 15 Raises the number of 'Kick' uses by 1.
バフスピード Buff Speed Up Awakening Lv.35 10 Raises speed by a small amount after receiving a buff.
ためるチャージ Focus Charge Awakening Lv.40 15 Raises the number of 'Focus' uses by 1.
キルBRVゲイン Kill BRV Gain Awakening Lv.45 5 Gains a small amount of BRV when you kill an enemy.
ファブールの極意 Fabul's Martial Arts Awakening Lv.50 20 Small chance to counter BRV attacks with another BRV attack.
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